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Please see all our activity vouchers below. Gift vouchers are valid for 12 months when purchased directly from London Kayak Tours Ltd. All our vouchers are e-vouchers, we do not send printed vouchers. Please attach details you received and add it to your own personal card as a present.

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London Kayak Activity Voucher 90 minute Tour

Join a fun London Kayak Tour today. Float leisurely along and see London from a unique vantage point -- from your own, personal kayak. You can choose to view the Historical Hampton Court Palace, once home of King Henry VIII, paddle up-close and personal to the wildlife at Regents Park, or see past the famous Royal Home of the Queen in Windsor.
£39. for A 90 minute kayak tour and tuition along Regents Canal, Hampton Court or Windsor with a glass of bubbly per person
Choose to paddle along the Regents Canal, Hampton Court or Windsor locations.
Buy a voucher as a gift valid for 12 months and enjoy an unforgettable day out. Maps and meeting point details will be emailed on redemption of vouchers

Regents Canal Tours

Paddle along in your own kayak on Regents Canal passing Regents Park Zoo towards the buzz of Camden Town and the old English Camden lock in your own kayak. Get up close and personal to the Giraffe House & Snowdon Aviary from your very own first class seat! Make a splash in London along the Canals.
Buy your voucher today, valid for 12 months and experience a new side to London. This is a 2-4-1 offer, for two participants

One hour kayak Tour

If you're new to kayaking why not try paddling for a one hour Tour. This will give you a taste of kayaking and see if you like it. You can use this activity at our 2 locations: Windsor and Hampton Court for one hour. These are unforgettable Tours packed with history and fun!

Windsor 2-4-1 Deal One Hour Kayak

If you're new to kayaking why not give our paddle Windsor one hour Tour a go? Now on special for the price of 2-4-1 offer!
An unforgettable Tour of history and fun. Kayak Windsor bursting with natural beauty.
Spot the delights of Eton College. Enjoy the awesome view of Windsor Castle, the oldest inhabited Castle in Europe.
Kayak under one of the oldest bridges on the Thames and paddle your boats along the magnificent Windsor vista.
All Windsor Tours start and finish at the same point: SL4 5JB at the Public slipway beside Windsor Leisure Centre. This offer is for 2 participants for a limited time. Windsor public slipway beside Windsor Leisure Centre. SL4 5JB